Why is your site anonymously-run?
We want people to concentrate on what we’re saying, not who’s saying it. It’s also important that the spotlight be on the work and the people we’re featuring, not the site’s authors.

Who contributes to the site?
The authors of The Dubai Egotist come from different backgrounds, keeping the site robust and perpetually fresh. We invite everyone in the community to write an editorial at any time. We’re happy to give credit to anyone who takes the time to craft a piece or they can choose to remain anonymous.

Is the site associated with an agency?
Despite what you may have heard or think you know, The Dubai Egotist is 100% autonomous.

Will all work submitted be featured?
No. The Dubai Egotist posts information and editorial relevant to the demanding creative connoisseur in the region and beyond. We’re critical with our recommendations, so all work and links submitted to The Dubai Egotist will be reviewed before being published.

Why has my comment or forum thread been deleted?
It was likely deleted because we thought it was harmful, hateful, spam, or political. Let’s keep it friendly and constructive.

Can I start a version of this site in my own city?
The Egotist platform is built to be launched in cities around the world for local market reporting and community-building. Learn more about starting your local version here.

Your question not answered here?
Contact us.