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The Dubai Egotist posts information and editorial relevant to the demanding creative connoisseur working in the Dubai area. We’re critical with the information we offer, as it is our desire to be the trusted resource. The concept for the site was developed over an entire year – conducting heavy research on the Denver and Boulder creative communities, polling its constituents and refining the idea to make it what it is today. Thhere are many similarities between the creative communities in Denver and Dubai. As a result, Denver's proven success is an invaluable predictor of the potential Dubai has to offer.

The authors of The Dubai Egotist are extremely active in Dubai's community. They work, live and breathe the Dubai creative culture and are constant advocates for improvement and investment within Dubai's most important resource, its talent.

Visitor Details
The Dubai Egotist is based on a proven online informational resource for capturing and holding the attention of its audience, namely advertising, design and marketing professionals in the Dubai area on both the client and agency side of the business. Creative directors, art directors, copywriters, designers, planners, account directors, producers, production gurus, print buyers, art buyers, media buyers, developers, animators, film and commercial directors, actors, brand positioning experts, PR experts, photographers, illustrators, aspiring students, headhunters and other smart professionals spend a significant portion of their day on The Dubai Egotist.

Traffic Details
The Dubai Egotist has just launched, and as a result, is currently accumulating relevant analytics data on site traffic. However, The Denver Egotist is a long-standing site based on the same platform and community. Their site traffic is a solid indicator of the success and potential within The Egotist Network.

The Power 150 is a ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world housed on Ad Age. Currently, there are 1,100+ blogs ranked on the site. The Denver Egotist consistently ranks in the Top 50. Content on their site is consistently linked by the biggest media and marketing blogs in the world.

Traffic Activity as of Q1, 2011
Visits: 93,000+ per month
Pageviews: 188,000+ per month
Average Time On Site: 3:40
300+ weekly inbound links from third-party sites

Advertising Rates - Local
To avoid cluttering the site with advertising and to make sure our advertisers are boldly displayed, we offer one position for ad placement – the far right hand column. There are two options for the size of the ad. Please note, if several advertisers have purchased space during the same week, your ad will rotate evenly among the other ads featured. There will never be more than five advertisements running on The Dubai Egotist at one time, ensuring its visibility and success.

Media Rate: Ad Size Option 1 – 180px x 100px, Rate $75/wk
Your ad will be placed at the top of the advertising column, with a handful of Google ads below it.

Media Rate: Ad Size Option 2 - 180px x 600px, Rate $150/wk
Your ad will appear in the advertising column, for full-dominance of the space.

Advertising Rates - Network
For much wider reach and greater effectiveness, we also offer the opportunity to advertise on The Egotist Network. Click here for a current list of all sites in the Network. Network ads are only offered in a single size listed below.

Media Rate: Ad Size - 180px x 600px, Rate $300/wk
Your ad will appear in the advertising column, for full-dominance of the space.
That's approximately a $3.79 CPM for average weeks.

Submission Guidelines
Banner ads for The Dubai Egotist website should be in JPEG format, with applicable standard dimensions. Deadline for submission of final artwork is every Wednesday by 12:00 noon (Central time) for the following Monday. Payment is due before the ad will run. Once negotiated, we will direct you to our secure payment system to make payment. All prices are in US dollars.

For More Information
Please contact The Dubai Egotist for advertising information for this site or contact The Egotist, LLC in Denver to learn more about advertising on all Egotist Network cities.