• Social Media Lessons We Can Take From Sandance 2014

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    Social media is a great marketing tool when things are going well. Your audience is engaging with your content, your marketing messages are being shared, all the numbers are pointing in the right direction and your boss thinks you’re a genius.

    But in a crisis it can seem very, very different. Suddenly those pages you’ve spent months curating are filled with angry customers venting their rage. The number of negative comments grows by the second. Particularly disgruntled customers may even start campaigning for a boycott of your products and services.

    The overwhelming urge is to pull the plug: delete the negative comments, close the pages and hope it all goes away. And for an organisation that was considering launching a social media presence, the travails of others can seem like a good reason not to bother in the first place. After all, if the company hadn’t set up those pages in the first place, upset customers would have nowhere to go to complain (at least so visibly) when things go badly, right?

    Wrong. People have always complained about bad service. Social media might amplify those complaints, but it also provides an opportunity to resolve them in a very public fashion.

  • Egypt's new PSA campaign to end sexual harrasement

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    90% of women respondants in Egypt say they have faced unwanted advances from men. Worst of all, in this region especially, we're too quick to shame her. A women gets cat-called, its her fault. Maybe she dressed too provocatively or came across as loose.

    We live in a society where we actually (and automatically) make excuses for men to try and justify how they mistreat women.

    So Egypt shows you what it's like to walk just one day in her shoes.

  • Dubai Creatives Tell Us What We'll See in 2014 (Trend Forecast)

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    We gathered a handful of talented designers, artists, writers, social-media folk and even a makeup artist from around Dubai to ask them what we can look forward to in 2014?

    Here's what they had to say.

    "Instead of Facebook being a one-stop–shop, we'll see a rise in niche social platforms and communities as people diversify the places online in which they interact."
    Kiera Doherty, Head of Digital
    Weber Shandwick MENA

    "I'm hoping to see public art in Dubai in the new year. Sculptures for the city, and art on the streets."
    Maliha Naseem, Writer/Artist/Designer

    "3d printing is coming this way!"
    Arwa Sora, Graphic Designer
    Clique Media Group

    "2014 will see a gorgeous clear skin look with berry lips worn as a tint or a high-pigment berry pout to perk up the minimal makeup trend."
    Zeenat J, Founder & Senior Instructor
    Z Haus Makeup & Lifestyle

    "To be honest, I don't know if this will be the next big thing or not but I think it's high time pop-ups came to Dubai, it's a super fun concept and its short life would, in my opinion, work well with Dubai's fast paced culture. Also a great way to introduce a new product to the market and see what the response is. We may see more crowdfunding, what with Eeureca winning this year's best innovator award."
    Shahzadi Basma, Interior Designer

    "Thanks to technology, cameras in cellphones are getting better day by day. This is giving everyone the chance to be a photographer which I hope/believe will show us a new and different Dubai."
    Habib Qureshi, Photographer
    Xisché & Co

  • Happy Christmas!

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  • Du's simple infographic is absolute genius.

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    Tweeted with the word "change".

    Enough said.


  • Emirates NBD sucks at activations and ergo life.

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    So perhaps we have a personal vendetta against Emirates NBD; but truthfully - if you're reading this - you know how painstaking and expensive it is to go through the whole process of planning an activation campaign.

    And to end up with something so ho-hum as this?

    First of all, the ad spends a majority of the time showing people waiting. Either outside the bank before they open. Or inside waiting for their number to be called. Or at the ATM. For those of us who live and work in Dubai - we know how incredibly grueling it is to wait there. To stand in line. to spend aaaages while the customer service agent just casually carry on as if they're not actually at work.

    So eventhough we know that YouTube ads captivate an audience for a good initial 5 seconds, they chose to set the scene by showing people waiting, and stirring very recognisable (and undesirable) emotions.

    Then, almost magically, they ignore ALL that waiting - bring in a few pretty girls to take photos that end up on a giant screen?


    Oooh that completely made up for all the time I wasted waiting for service!


    C'mon Emirates NBD - you can do better. Just take a look at Al Hili Bank for pete's sake!

  • What the Expo 2020 Really Means for Dubai

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    Courtesy of Weber Shandwick Dubai

  • Today's Google Doodle is Amazing!

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    Hurray Expo2020 in Dubai!

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