• Rihanna looks haute in Abu Dhabi

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    Yes, we're neither a fashion blog nor a pop blog but riri looks sick at our neighbours place. This was taken today.

  • Are you keeping up with the DXB EGO facebook page?

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    Because you should. We've got some pretty slick FB-only content: https://www.facebook.com/thedubaiegotist

  • Featured User Of The Week: Emily Thomas

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    Hi Folks,

    This is Emily Thomas, she's a UAE girl through and through but recently graduated from the New School in New York (That's Parsons ya dummies)

    Although we at the DXB EGO don't actually know her - she looks like good people.

    She's looking for a gig. Help a sister out.

    Emily if you're out there - say hello so we can connect you to some people!

  • World's Richest Photography Contest Winners Announced - Ofcourse its in the UAE!

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    The results for the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award are here!

    Winners are from all over the Middle East, including the Emirates in a special "Emirates" category.

    Grand Prize was won by Osama Al Zubaidi who has probably received some ridiculous amount. We at the DXB EGO are all about celebrating creativity through financial gain, mainly because art supplies are so crazy expensive! So a big congratulations to all the winners. Well done, ya'llz!

    Check out the winning photos below.

  • "Get Driver Fit" gives you free fitness classes

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    Daman Health Insurance have teamed up with Duplays & Yasalam to bring out the "Get Driver Fit" campaign. Did you know professional drivers require neck strength, upper body power, cardio conditioning, yada yada ya?

    Ofcourse you didn't.

    And neither did you care.

    The point is they're giving away a bunch of awesome fitness classes for free. We here at DXB EGO <3 free.

    Check out the campaign on Facebook and a full-list of fitness classes here.

  • Emirati Dad takes home award for animated piece

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    Check out this Emirati dad's animated short entitled "Daddy ABCs" - centering around a stay-at-home dad (in the middle east!)'s adventures, the piece has pulled in much international interest including being selected as Best Animated Short in LA!

    Created by real-life dad Hamad Alawar, this piece was funded by the Abu Dhabi Film Commission.

  • Holy Qatar Facebook Fail, Batman!

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    Ok so here's the deal. There's a dolphin aquarium being built in Qatar. No big deal, this region is definitely getting more involved in environmental initiatives.

    One big problem though...this particular dolphin aquarium lied about having a National Geographic sponsorship.

    Oh, it doesn't end there.

    They then went ahead and issued a series of what can only be described as insane comments on their Facebook page!

    See for yourself.

    Oh it gets better...

    We cannot believe it. Are absolutely appalled at the hilarity of this stupid brand! What an absolute embarassement!


  • Wipe Your Bill Clean by Lux Arabia (video)

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    Yet another awesome PR Stunt in Dubai. This time, Lux Arabia pulls out the big guns by giving Dubaians the opportunity to Wipe their bills clean by washing their dishes! Take Cover, Jumeirah Janes!

    Possibly one of the best local PR stunts we've seen! Nice typography too. 5 Stars.

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