• Pepsi Art House

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    The Dubai Pepsi Art House was yet another success this year. The 4 day event in DIFC brought together live art stations, local music and an array of fun activities in Dubai. We especially enjoyed the conversation seats, that allowed strangers to come together and talk about new things via picking a balloon that contained a conversation topic.

    For a place like DIFC to pull off such a non-pretentious event is no easy feat. Kudos, Art House! You done well.

  • Learn How To Disappear Online

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    2005 was all about the ink splatters and the grungey circles. Thankfully, it's not 2005 anymore. So what to do if you need to get rid of all the evidence that you were ever anything lesser than the amazing creative you are today?

    Learn how here: http://tinyurl.com/kkvq2q5

    Brought to you by our great friends at Design Taxi

  • Happy Friday!

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    Hope you had a great Thursday night! Now carry on, slugger.

  • How To Do Fonts Rights

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  • Coke Brings Happiness To The Workers Of Dubai

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    Often times, you'll hear people discussing the incredibly important people who build our city. Either in passing (and obviously) or without even realising it by discussing the incredible cleanliness of our city.

    With more that 81% of the population being non-local, we're a city built of expats - all here to make a better life. Saving money can be hard, especially when you have a family back home that you long to see and communicate with on a regular basis. It seems easy enough for the most of us, but when considering a call home for a lot of the workers in Dubai can be 1/6th of their daily salaries - it gets complicated quite quickly.

    So along comes Coke who created the most incredible "Hello Happiness" machines. A phone-booth that uses bottle-caps as currency. The idea is simple, each cap provides you with 3 minutes to call back home.

    A 3 minute call home could cost $2.73 cents, and a bottle of coke only $0.50.

    We're loving this campaign. It is touching and truly heartwarming. Bravo, Coke. Bravo.

  • The Maggi Diaires

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    Publicis Groupe rolled out The Maggi Diaries, in what they're calling "the biggest culinary journey across the Gulf, North Africa and Levant."

    Whether it is or isn't, what is true is that it's a fantastic way to get people across the region to talk about the brand without being salesy. The YouTube App they designed is great. Highly responsive and beautiful on-brand design.

    The Maggi Diaries is just another fantastic example of how people across the region are (finally) starting to leverage social channels for what they are.

    If you ever want to do a contest, take a cue from Maggi and do it right.

    Watch episode 1 here:

  • Nivea & Yas Island Yank Outdoor Advertising Into 2014!

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    It's no surprise to anyone that Outdoor advertising in Dubai, particularly on Sheikh Zayed Road is nothing to tut about. With banners changing almost daily - the public has become desensitised to the repetitive posters of Du and oh look, there's yet another D&G billboard.

    So how does one stand out among a slew of brands that are shouting "Buy Me Buy Me" in bright flashing lights?

    Creatively, ofcourse.

    It all started with Nike - they put a series of giant sculptures of football cleats with their signature swoosh.

    Not long after, Nivea followed suite - a series of 5 of their bottles from the new In-shower moisturising line.

    And now - Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld has followed suite.

    I would say whatever the media cost for this space has already proved to be well worth it. Cannot wait to see what'll come next! Bring it on, Dubai!

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