• Pepsi & Lays Wish Everyone a Ramadan Kareem

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    In this great new TVC (also a YouTube pre-roll ad) Pepsi captures the family spirit of Ramadan.

  • How To Communicate in Ramadan

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    Weber Shandwick MENA shares some awesome insight on how to communicate during Ramadan with this great infographic!

  • 10 Things That Are Shaping the MENA Digital Space in Early 2014 (that's now, folks!)

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    From Google cars in Dubai to social TV and the first generic Arabic domain name, here are 10 things that'll keep you up to speed with digital developments in the MENA.

    1. Social TV is coming to the Middle East via YouToo, a service which will allow viewers to interact in real time - from the web or their mobile device - with TV programs using video, pictures, voting and social media.

    2. The latest Visual Networking Index, which contains Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecasts for 2013–2018, suggests MENA will see the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region in the next five years.

    3. UAE proposes drones to deliver ID cards and driving licenses. Al Jazeera quotes Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as saying: “We want to save time, to shorten distances, to increase effectiveness and to make services easier”.

  • How to Colourise B&W Photos in Photoshop?

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    This tutorial will teach you how to add color back into an old, black and white photograph. It's a lot of fun scanning and colorizing old family portraits, or bringing vintage photos into the modern world.

    There are a few different techniques to colorize a black and white image, but the methods in this tutorial will be 100% non-destructive, meaning your original image stays intact, and you can go back and make adjustments without having to start from scratch.

    Download Source Files and More: http://www.photoshopvideoacademy.com/

  • Changing Skintone on Photoshop

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    Happy Tutorial Tuesday folks! Now we admit, this may not be the most PC subjectmatter, but often times as creatives it's our job to know how to do almost anything in Photoshop. So this Tutorial Tuesday, we're teaching you how to change a person's skintone using Photoshop.

  • Happy Friday!

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    Dubai Loves Barney Stintson,

    hence it's no surprise to hear that the show is launchings it's first ever bespoke suit gallery at the Dubai mall.


    But here's what their logo would look like :)

  • Welcome to Typography 101

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    If you learn and fol­low five ty­pog­ra­phy rules, you will be a bet­ter ty­pog­ra­ph­er than and 70% of pro­fes­sion­al de­sign­ers. This Tutorial Tuesday - learn the rules of typography in just 10 minutes!

    Learn here: http://practicaltypography.com/typography-in-ten-minutes.html

    Explore the rest of the site for incredibly useful (and bookmarkable) knowledge!

  • Happy Friday!

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    Ahh Friday, the day genius creatvies don't have to put up with thick client servicing people. What, we're not biased at all ;)

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